Specializing in individual and family therapy with adolescents and adults in
Olympia and Shelton, WA.

Are you a parent…

…with a 13 year old who you no longer recognize, a 15 year old who seems to have forgotten about graduating from high school, or a 17 year old who can’t envision any kind of future at all?

I might be able to help you. Using time-tested family therapy principals, and proven cognitive-behavioral techniques, in a combination of family, individual, and parent sessions, we can lessen the chaos in your family, improve your relationship with your teenager, and begin to restore hope.

Are you a high school or college student…

…and friends, family, or your school have told you that you need counseling? Or perhaps you want to feel better about yourself, or you are worried about the things you find yourself doing?

I might be able to help you. I help adolescents and young adults learn new coping skills and strategies, find their true inner voice, and rediscover their potential. Meeting every week, or once a month, we will collaborate on a plan for how you want to feel and be, and then work toward that goal.